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Confidential paper / document waste/shredding / destruction & recycling

Types of Document Shredding Services Offered

  On Site / Off Site & Drop Off Document & Paper Shredding
We can provide either on-site, off-site or drop off shredding.
On Site shredding is where a shredding truck visits your site and shreds your documents there and then.
Off Site shredding is where by a truck or van collects your shredding and brings it back to our shredding plant where it is shredded the same day. This is our most popular service and is more cost effective than on site shredding.
Drop Off shredding is where by we arrange for you to bring your sorted confidential documents to our shredding plant where they will be shredded (often there and then).
In all cases a 'certificate of destruction' will be issued.
Regular / Scheduled
Regular collections are normally scheduled for either weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly collections. During our visit we will normally empty secure consuls or remove and replace special paper sacks. This service can be setup for one or more locations depending upon customer requirement.

One Off (ad hoc)
One off or ad hoc collections are done on an 'as and when' required basis. This can be for as little as 5 bags or up to several tonnes. Ideal for companies who may have seasonal or fluctuating business trends which don't always produce the same amount of paper each month. Also ideal for yearly purges such as accounts disposal

  Bulk Collections
Bulk collections can be arranged for quantities up to tens of tonnes. We can be very flexible working around your logistical issues, including document vessel/container types, see below.
  Contract or non Contract
While many customers feel more secure having a contract in place for their requirements, others wish to have the flexibility of being able to change their requirements with short notice and thus prefer to have no contract. We can work with either.
  Types of Containers
Documents can be stored in bags, document boxes, consoles, wheelie bins, pallets, other containers or even loose!
  Witnessed Document shredding / destruction
Some customers would like to witness their documents being destroyed. We offer this for all types of shredding. Just let us know in advance so that we can accommodate.

Do contact us with your specific requirement