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Shred It & Recycle It ! ... your confidential shredding


Why Shred? Answer: For compliance and security.

Under the 1998 Data Protection Act, the confidential and secure destruction of any data, which could identify a living individual is a legal requirement. Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

What sort of documents should be shredded?

The obvious items include bank statements and legal contracts. But there are so many additional items such as invoices, employee documents, job applications, receipts, expense forms, insurance documents, quotations etc etc. In every businesses confidential materials are generated every working day. If such information were to get into the wrong hands then there could be a sizable security risk not to mention legal consequences.

Of course a company may need to retain certain documents for a given period of time but once this expires it is considered to be good practice to securely shred/destoy and recycle such documents. This not only gives you 'peace of mind' but also frees up some vital storage space.

Economies of Document Shredding

While many companies have their own mini shredder, if you have more than a couple of kilo's per month of paper or document shredding then it's often simpler and more economical to outsource your shredding to us. Even if certain staff are on a minimum wage you'll be pleasantly surprised just how cost effective it is to use our service.

Main Benefits of using Lancashire Confidential Shredding

  • Cost effective, in most cases we'll save you money over your existing supplier!
  • Immediate. We can offer a rapid response, if required
  • Easy & convenient to use
  • Flexible, we work around your schedule
  • Peace of Mind
  • Secure
  • Free up more office space
  • ECO friendly. We recycle your shredded documents