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FAQ - Fequently Asked Questions
Q: If I just want a 'one off' shred. Can you Do this ?
Yes. There are a few things that we'd like you to sort before we shred for you.
     Give us a call and we'll go through it with you.

Q: What sort of things can you shred?
Most customers want paper documents shredding, but we can also shred floppy discs, cd's, DVD's, tapes, X-rays and many other items. We also perform 'product destruct' for a variety of items such as clothes, books etc. For non paper items,  different pricing applies. We also ask that these items are separated in different bags / boxes. Please contact us for further details

Q: What happens to the shredded paper, is it recycled ?
A:Yes we aim to recycle 100% of your shredded paper using British Paper Mills

Q: Do I need to remove any items from my documents?
A:Yes. To help us with recycling we ask that you remove any plastics (including plastic wallets), any lever arch files, bulldog clips or any other contaminants with the exception of the following items:-
  - Paper
  - Paper Clips
  - Treasury Tags (used by accountants)
  - Letter Head Clips (as used by solicitors)
  - Rubber bands
  - Manilla Envelopes / Folders
  - Manilla Accounting folders with chord

Q: Can I use my own bags / boxes?
A:Yes, providing they are fit for purpose (strong enough) and are a reasonable weight for manual handling (suggested weight around 15Kg).
We can also supply bags, pallet tubs etc if required